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União é a interligação de conjuntos ou partes.

  • "A força unida é mais forte".
- the united force, much stronger
- Narrative of military operations ... during the late war between the states‎ - Página 52, Joseph Eggleston Johnston - 1874
- There is no greater desert or wilderness then to be without true friends. For without friendship, society is but meeting. And as it is certain, that in bodies inanimate, union strengtheneth any natural motion, and weakeneth any violent motion; So amongst men, friendship multiplieth joys, and divideth griefs. Therefore, whosoever wanteth fortitude, let him worship Friendship. For the yoke of Friendship maketh the yoke of fortune more light.
- The Works of Francis Bacon, Volume 6 - página 558, Francis Bacon, William Rawley, James Spedding, Robert Leslie Ellis, Douglas Denon Heath, Editora Longmans, 1858

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