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:'''Dean''': Fight The Fairies! Fight The Fairies!
=== Caged Heat [6.10] ===
:'''Cas''': Where is the box?
:'''Sam''': I can't believe you fell for that? That was the plot of 'Raiders,' you idiot.
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:'''Samuel''': This is what you guys do, sitting around watching pornos with angels?
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:'''Meg''': ''(to Cas)'' Remeber me? I sure remeber you Clarence.
:'''Cas''': ''(to Dean and Sam)'' Why are we working with this … abominations?
:'''Meg''': ''(to Cas)'' Keep talking dirty, it makes my meatsuit all dewy.
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:'''Cas''': Leave them alone!
:'''Crowley''': Castiel. Haven't seen you all season. You are the cavalry now?
:'''Cas''': Put that knife down!
:'''Crowley''': You are that bossy in heaven?
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=== Appointment in Samara [6.11] ===
:'''Dead Guy''': ''(after dying from a heart attack)'' Why?
:'''Dean''': You think maybe it was the extra cheese?
:'''Dead Guy''': was good though
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: '''Bobby''': ''(as Sam chops down the door)'' Don't say 'Here's Johnny!'
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:'''Death''': ''(returning Sam's soul to him)'' Now Sam, I'm going to put a barrier inside your mind. You might feel a little itchy. Do me a favor...don't scratch the wall, because, trust me, you're not going to like what happens.
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:'''Sam''': I need your help Balthazar.
:'''Balthazar''': Interesting. Since last time we meet you wanna to … what was it? Oh yes, yes … fry my wings extra crispy.
:'''Sam''': Well, that was a misunderstanding.
:'''Balthazar''': Some misunderstanding!
:'''Sam''': I need some advice.
:'''Balthazar''': Advice?
:'''Sam''': Angel advice!
:'''Balthazar''': Then go ask your boyfriend.
:'''Sam''': Cas can't help me.
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=== Like a Virgin [6.12] ===
: '''Dean''': I prefer ladies with experience
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: '''Dean''': ''(to Bobby)'' Why the poop face?
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: '''Dean''': ''(while reading Penny's diary)'' I've decided I'm going to give Stan my most precious gift...
: '''Sam''': Wow, that sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.
: '''Dean''': I think I delivered it.
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: '''Sam''': So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?
: '''Dean''': P. Diddy?
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:'''Dean''': ''(to the rock as he's trying to get the sword out)'' You rocks think you're so smart.
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=== Unforgiven [6.13] ===
:'''Dean''': ''(leaving a voicemail for Sam)'' I found the connection between the missing chicks. They all banged the same dude. You.
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:'''Dean''': My spidey senses are tingling
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:'''Dean''': Sam, you gotta understand that all that crap, all of it, none of it was you.
:'''Sam''': Let's be crystal clear, ok? It was me.
:'''Dean''': ''(walks away)'' Can I get you anything?
:'''Sam''': What are you now, a waitress?
:'''Dean''': I'm just trying to make you feel better, don't be a bitch.
:'''Sam''': Yeah, I'm fine.
:'''Dean''': ''(sarcastic)'' Yeah, you look fine. ''(serious)'' All I'm saying is that everything's gonna be ok.
:'''Sam''': I don't know Dean, I mean if I did this here, then who knows what else- ''(Sam falls to the floor in a violent seizure)''
:'''Dean''': Sammy? Sam?! Sammy, talk to me!
:'''Sam''': ''(flashes back to his soul burning and screaming in Hell)''
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=== Mannequin 3: The Reckoning [6.14] ===
:'''Lisa''': ''(to Dean)'' My phone rings, I think: tiny chance it's you, big chance it's Sam calling to tell me that you died.
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:'''Dean''': ''(before tricking his possessed Impala to crash into a wall)'' I'm so sorry, baby.
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=== The French Mistake [6.15] ===
:'''Makeup girl''': Jensen, there you are. Let's just get you in the chair.
:'''Dean''': The chair?
:'''Makeup girl''': Ok, good. (reaching for a de-makeup wipe) We're just gonna get this make-up off your face
:'''Dean''': What? Hey, I',m not wearing any make-... (looking at a dirty wipe in disbelief)... Oh crap. I'm a painted whore!
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:'''Sam''': I'm just saying we landed in some dimension where you're Jensen Ackles, and I'm something called a Jared Padalecki.
:'''Dean''': So what, now you're ''Polish''?!
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:'''Dean''': They put frickin' make up on us. Those ''bastards''.
:'''Sam''': Look, I think I know what this is.
:'''Dean''': Ok what?
:'''Sam''': It's a TV show.
:'''Dean''': ''(sarcastic)'' You think?!
:'''Sam''': Well, I mean, here, wherever this is, thi-this ''Twilight Zone'' Balthazar zapped us into...for whatever reason, our life is a TV show.
:'''Dean''': Why?
:'''Sam''': I don't know
:'''Dean''': No, seriously, why? Why would anybody wanna watch our lives?
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:'''Dean''': ''(upon seeing the many Impalas on the set, some of which are beaten up)'' I feel sick. I'm gonna be sick.
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:'''Dean''': This isn't Cas.
:'''Sam''': Dude, look at him.
:'''Misha''': You guys wanna run lines, or...?
:'''Dean''': His name is Misha! ... Misha?!
:'''Sam''': Oh wow ''(takes Key back from Misha)'' ... Ok.
:''(Dean and Sam go away)''
:'''Dean''': Misha? Jensen? … What's with names around here?
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:'''Sam''': ''(spotting the actor's trailer)'' Hey. "J. Ackles."
:'''Dean''': That's fake me.
:'''Sam''': Yeah.
:'''Dean''': This must be fake mine. ''(upon entering the trailer)'' Dude, I have a helicopter!
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:'''Sam''': All right, who puts a 300-gallon aquarium in their trailer?
:'''Dean''': Apparently Jensen Ackles.
:'''Sam''': ''(rolling his eyes)'' Huh
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:'''Sam''': ''(hitting a wall in Bobby's house)'' Solid. ''(with a relief)'' It's real. Nice
:'''Dean''': Yeah. Yeah, real, moldy, termite-eaten home sweet home. Chock full of crap that want to skin you. Oh and uh, we're broke again.
:'''Sam''': ''(sarcastic)'' Yeah. But, hey... at least we're talking.
:'''Dean''': ''(shakes his head, yet smiles eventually)''
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