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* "One day my 3-year-old daughter said, 'You're very handsome, Poppy.' That was the best compliment ever." - '''Um dia, a minha filha com três anos disse: "És muito bonito, papá!". Esse foi o melhor elogio de sempre.'''
* "I'd come in with this bitter attitude. It's not an escape, because I feel this disappointment, this jealousy." - on why he couldn't stand to go to the movies during his decade-long career-drought."
* "People sometimes mistake being serious with being taken seriously. And, sure, if you have a political point of view, you have every right to share it. But you have to be careful not to get too self-important. You have to find the balance between being entertaining and being preachy. And you're seeing that at the box office. People aren't buying it any more. There's a time and a place, and what we need right now is a little more positivity."
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