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:'''Sam''': ''(sarcastic)'' Yeah. But, hey... at least we're talking.
:'''Dean''': ''(shakes his head, yet smiles eventually)''
=== And Then There Were None [6.16] ===
:'''Eve''': God doesn't care about you.
:'''Rick''': Sure He does.
:'''Eve''': Your Father made you and then abandoned you. So you pray. You see signs where there's nothing. But truth is, your Apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like He did. You'll see.
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:'''Dean''': I'm not in the mood. I just had a 12" herpes crawl out of my ear.
:'''Sam''': What?
:'''Dean''': You heard me.
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:'''Sam''': You saying he wasn't a monster when I ganked him?
:'''Rufus''': One way to find out. Bobby, you got a cranial saw in the car?
:'''Bobby''': Of course.
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:'''Sam''': What he did to us... but...
:'''Dean''': There's a but?
:'''Sam''': I can't help but think , what would Mom say?
:'''Dean''': You know what I think Mom would say? She'd say, "Just because you're blood doesn't make you family. You got to earn that."
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:'''Rufus''': (to Dean, Sam, Bobby) This can't be the afterlife because the three of you are here.
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:'''Dean''': Hey there, you little herpes.
:'''Sam''': Why do you keep talking about herpes?
:'''Dean''': What? I don't. Shut up. Shut up!
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:'''Dean''': Who is she, this Eve bitch?
:'''Slug''': The Mother of All of us. And the end of all of you. By the time she's done, there'll be more creatures than humans. You'll live in pens. We'll serve up your young and call it veal.
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:'''Bobby''': It was Omaha. It was my fault. And he never let it go.
:'''Dean''': Well, he should have.
:'''Bobby''': You don't know what I did, Dean.
:'''Dean''': It doesn't matter.
:'''Bobby''': What do you mean, it doesn't...?
:'''Dean''': I mean, at the end of the day, you two are family. Life is short, and ours are shorter than most. We gonna spend it wringing our hands? Something's going to get us, eventually. And when my guts get ripped out, just so you two know, we're good. Blanket apology for all the crap that anybody's done, all the way around.
:'''Sam''': Some of us pulled a lot of crap, Dean.
:'''Dean''': Well, clean slate.
:'''Sam''': Okay.
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=== My Heart Will Go On [6.18] ===
:'''Bobby''': You two just going to stand there like the ugly girl at the prom, or you gonna pitch in? This so-called Eve mother, whatever, ain't going to gank herself.
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:'''Dean''': I mean, accidents just don't happen accidentally. (Sam stares) You know what I mean.
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:'''Dean''': Uh, uh, can you tell me anything noteworthy about the Russos?
:'''Shawn Russo''': Noteworthy? No. I mean, not exactly. Average. You know, big, from Italy.
:'''Dean''': I see. Uh, was anyone ever killed or maimed in a war? Or, you know, some other violent thing?
:'''Shawn Russo''': What do you mean?
:'''Dean''': Like something so dark it would sully future generations.
:'''Shawn Russo''': Uh, no.
:'''Dean''': Good. Good stuff. Anyone own a slave?
:'''Shawn Russo''': What?
:'''Dean''': Routine question. Any ties to the Nazi Party?
:'''Shawn Russo''': Excuse me?
:'''Dean''': Did Grandma ever piss off a gypsy?
:'''Shawn Russo''': Okay. You know what? I don't know what kind of study you're doing, but it's over. Right now.
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:'''Sam''': Why?
:'''Balthazar''': Why what?
:'''Dean''': Why did you unsink the ship?
:'''Balthazar''': Because I hated the movie.
:'''Dean''': What movie?
:'''Balthazar''': Exactly.
:'''Sam''': Wait. So you saved a cruise liner because...?
:'''Balthazar''': Because that god-awful Celine Dion song made me want to smite myself.
:'''Sam''': Who's Celine Dion?
:'''Balthazar''': Oh, she's a destitute lounge singer somewhere in Quebec, and let's keep it that way, please.
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:'''Sam''': But now those people and their kids and their kids' kids... they must have interacted with so many other people, changed so much crap... you totally butterfly-effected history.
:'''Dean''': Dude, dude, rule one. No Kutcher references.
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:'''Balthazar''': Anyway, let's agree, I did a good thing. One less Billy Zane movie and I saved two of your closest friends.
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:'''Balthazar''': Sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you. I don't care.
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:'''Dean''': What'd she look like?
:'''Sam''': Kinda like a librarian.
:'''Dean''': Your kind of librarian, or my kind of librarian?
:'''Sam''': Well, she was wearing clothes, if that's what you mean.
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:'''Balthazar''': Uh, sweetie, before we go, I could remove that stick from…
:'''Atropos''': Don't try me.
:'''Balthazar''': We'll leave it inserted, then.
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=== Frontierland [6.18] ===
:'''Bobby''': Either of you jokers ever heard anything about a Phoenix?
:'''Dean''': River, Joaquin, or the giant flaming bird?
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:'''Dean''': We'll Star Trek 4 this bitch.
:'''Bobby''': I only watch Deep Space Nine.
:'''Dean''': It's like I don't even know you guys anymore. Star Trek 4. Save the whales.
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:'''Castiel''': You only have 24 hours.
:'''Sam''': What? Why?
:'''Castiel''': Well, the answer to your question can best be expressed as a series of partial differential equations...
:'''Bobby''': Aim lower.
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:'''Sam''': Look, just because you're obsessed with all that Wild West stuff.
:'''Dean''': No I'm not.
:'''Sam''': You have a fetish.
:'''Dean''': Shut up. I like old movies.
:'''Sam''': You can recite every Clint Eastwood movie ever made, line-for-line.
:'''Bobby''': Even the monkey movies?
:'''Sam''': Yeah. Especially the monkey movies.
:'''Dean''': His name is Clyde.
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:'''Bobby''': You goin' to a hoedown?
:'''Castiel''': Now is it, is it customary to wear a blanket?
:'''Dean''': It's a serape. And yes, it's... never mind, let's just go.
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:'''Sheriff''': So what can I do for you, boys?
:'''Sam''': Uh we're looking for a man.
:'''Judge Mortimer''': I'll bet. Nice shirt there.
:'''Dean''': What's wrong with my shirt?
:'''Judge Mortimer''': You're very clean.
:'''Dean''': It's dirtier than it looks.
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:'''Dean''': Maybe you got to go find him and make history. I'll stay here, hook up with the posse. Because you know me. I'm the posse magnet. I mean, I love posse. Make that into a t-shirt.
:'''Sam''': You done?
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:'''Dean''': You know what this means?
:'''Bobby''': Yeah, I didn't get a soul-onoscopy for nothing.
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=== Mommy Dearest [6.19] ===
:'''Bobby''': I'm thinkin' maybe it's time you made a call.
:'''Dean''': Why's it always got to be me that makes the call, huh? it's not like Cass lives in my ass. The dude's busy. (''Castiel appears right behind him'') Cass, get out of my ass!
:'''Castiel''': I was never in your... have you made any progress in locating Eve?
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:'''Castiel''': I'll search the town. Give me a minute. (''stares off into space'')
:'''Dean''': Cass, we can still see you.
:'''Castiel''': Yeah, I'm still here.
:'''Dean''': Okay, well, you don't have to wait on us. (''Castiel tries again'') Well, now it just looks like you're pooping.
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:'''Castiel''': I'm powerless.
:'''Dean''': You're joking.
:'''Castiel''': Something in this town is, uh... it's affecting me. I assume it's Eve.
:'''Dean''': So, wait. Mom's making you limp?
:'''Castiel''': Figuratively, yes.
:'''Dean''': How?
:'''Castiel''': I don't know, but she is.
:'''Dean''': Oh, well, that's great, 'cause without your power, you're basically a baby in a trench coat. (''Castiel stares away'')
:'''Sam''': I think you hurt his feelings.
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:'''Castiel''': I'm fairly unpractised with firearms.
:'''Dean''': You know who whines? Babies.
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:'''Dean''': The question is why? What does she want with a... what do you call these?
:'''Bobby''': Well, congrats, you discovered it, you get to name it.
:'''Dean''': "Jefferson Starships." Huh? Because they're horrible, and hard to kill.
:'''Sam''': It looks like the entire bar has been turned into these...
:'''Dean''': Jefferson Starships.
:'''Sam''': Fine. But why are all... the Starships dead?
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:'''Bobby''': They won't take long.
:'''Castiel''': You don't know that. They may find more wayward orphans along the way.
:'''Bobby''': Oh, don't get cute.
:'''Castiel''': Right. Pardon me for highlighting their crippling and dangerous empathetic response with "sarcasm." It's a bad idea letting them go.
:'''Bobby''': Come on. You don't let Sam and Dean do squat. They do what they gotta, you know that.
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:'''Dean''': There's one way to draw her out. Me and Sam will go in.
:'''Bobby''': Dean!
:'''Dean''': Look, if we don't get a shot you two better.
:'''Bobby''': That's the plan?
:'''Dean''': Yeah. Pretty much.
:'''Bobby''': Well, at least it ain't complicated.
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:'''Dean''': Is there anybody in this diner that is not a flesh-eating monster?
:'''Sam''': Uh, me and you.
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:'''Eve''': Relax. I'm not here to fight.
:'''Dean''': No. Just to rally every freak on the planet. Bring in Khan worms and--and half-assed Spidermen. And dragons. Really, sister? Dragons?
:'''Eve''': So I dusted off some of the old classics. I needed help.
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=== The Man Who Would Be King [6.20] ===
:'''Castiel''': I remember being at a shoreline, watching a little grey fish heave itself up on the beach. And an older brother saying, "Don't step on that fish Castiel, big plans for that fish." I remember the the Tower of Babel - all 37 feet of it, which I suppose was impressive at the time. And when it fell they howled, "Divine Wrath!" But come on, dried dung can only be stacked so high.
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:'''Crowley''': Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn't underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?!
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:'''Castiel''': God wants you to have freedom.
:'''Rachel''': What does he want us to do with it?
:'''Castiel''': If I knew then what I know now, I might have said; 'It's simple. Freedom is a length of rope, God wants you to hang yourself with it.'
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:'''Castiel''': Those first weeks back in Heaven were surprisingly difficult. Explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish.
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:'''Castiel''': Whose Heaven is this?
:'''Raphael''': Ken Lay's. I'm borrowing it.
:'''Castiel''': I still question his admittance here.
:'''Raphael''': He's devout. Trumps everything.
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:'''Raphael''': Do I look like I'm joking?
:'''Castiel''': You never look like you're joking.
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:'''Crowley''': The problem with the old place was most of the inmates were masochists already. A lot of "thank you sire, can I have another hot poker up the jacksy?"
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:'''Crowley''': Just look at them. No one likes waiting in line.
:'''Castiel''': What happens when they reach the front?
:'''Crowley''': Nothing. They get right back to the end again. That's efficiency.
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:'''Castiel''': What can I do besides submit or die?
:'''Crowley''': Submit or die? What are you, French?
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:'''Dean''': You know who spies on people, Cass? Spies.
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:'''Castiel''': You're the one who taught me that freedom and free will...
:'''Dean''': You're a freaking child, you know that? Just because you can do what you want, doesn't mean you get to to whatever you want.
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